About Fuseworx, Inc.

Fuseworx develops unique software systems to meet the specific online marketing requirements of industries that require tailored e-marketing systems. Fuseworx was initially founded to develop a full IT support system and online auction capacity for World Wide Auctioneers, Ltd (WWA), a Dubai-based industrial and equipment auction firm, including development and maintenance of a complete auction information system, customer data information system, timed on line bidding platform, web site, on line search engine, and e-marketing system. The resulting system was refined while servicing WWA and joint venture auctions in ten countries. The IronBids real-time online nauction platform now being marketed by Fuseworx is a direct result of the company's vast offline and online auction systems experience.

Fuseworx has also developed systems, web sites, and marketing campaigns, and performed various other database-related services for several other international clients. Fuseworx is not a web site development company per se, but develops web sites for clients as a customer interface component of its software development services.

For twelve years Fuseworx primary staff has been supplying the IT, and graphic design and commercial artwork needs of WWA and it's other clients, when in 2008, Fuseworx incorporated it's business, and began to expand it's customer base and scope of business with an eye to the future.

Fuseworx, with it's own seasoned software development team, graphic design department, and infrastructure can conceive, innovate, develop, and implement just about any web based or local solution a company or Individual could want or imagine.

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